Just jump


This is Jo-Jo. He can jog and skip. But Jo-Jo can not jump yet.

“Look at me,” Mum said to Jo-Jo.“ Put your feet flat,then spring up. Jump just like I do.”

“Do this,” Dad said to Jo-Jo.“ Then take a big jump.You can do it !”

Jo-Jo looked at Mum and Dad. He put his feet flat to spring up. But he could not jump ! Jo-Jo felt sad.“Don’t be sad. Jo-Jo,” said Mum.“ Soon you will be jumping. You’ll see.”

Mum and Dad got a big box. Jo-Jo got on the box.“Jump off, Jo-Jo,”said Dad.

Jo-Jo looked atMum and Dad. He jumped off the box.

“I did it !” he said.

This is Jo-Jo. He can jump now !

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